Our Association


The Feline Control Council of Western Australia Inc was formed in 1968,
when existing Cat Clubs in Western Australia decided to merge and form one association.
The newly formed Council became a "Breed Society" within the Royal Agricultural Society of WA.
It remained under the patronage of the RAS until 1988. At that time it was decided that the
FCCWA Inc. should become an independent Body and take charge of its own affairs.

 At the 2014 AGM, it was decided that FCCWA would adopt the name CatsWA as its trading or operating name. With the introduction of the Western Australian cat laws, and a much more regulated environment about cats, it was an opportune time to move away from the word “Control”, and
rebadge ourselves to clearly separate our organisation from those functions that are enforcing cat laws.
Feline Control Council of Western Australia (Inc) remains the official registered name of the organisation.

Today CatsWA owns an office in Kenwick where volunteers process registration and pedigree data,
and deal with the day to day running of our association.
There are many clubs affiliated with CatsWA as well as qualified cat Judges and Stewards.

 CatsWA members own various pedigree cats and kittens from traditional, older breeds such as the Persian and the British Shorthair to new Breeds such as the Burmilla and the Selkirk Rex.
We also register desexed domestic cats. Many of our members have joined us initially
showing pet cats, and it is a fun way to get started.

If you would like to know more about CatsWA, cats shows, owning a pedigreed cat or kitten or breeding pedigreed cats, please don't hesitate to contact our office by phone or email.

CatsWA is a member of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) www.acf.asn.au
The ACF has member registration bodies from all states in Australia,
and in turn is a member of the World Cat Federation.




The Governing Council


Executive Officers

President -

   Carole Galli  0407 852 012

Vice President -


Secretary -

   Maree Carle  0408 925 205

Treasurer -    Michelle Harris  0413 394 625





 Sue Game - Susan Goodall - Judy Kluczniak - Janis Thompson


Sub-Committees Convenors

Judges' Training -    Betty Payne
Experimental Breeding Committee -    Sue Game
Stewards' Training -    Sue Game
Social Committee -    All councillors
Cat of the Year Points -    Linda Horton
Cat Call Editor -    Phil and Janis Thompson 
Website Editor -    Linda Horton
Cat Act 2011 -    Linda Horton




Sandra Baraiolo - Karen Brooksby - Carole Carroll - Jenny Casotti - Kirsty Connell -  Carole Galli
Sue Game - Tess Hankinson - Michelle Harris - Sandra Hayes -  Linda Horton
Lynn Moorman -  Lucy Nikiforos - Diana Nixon - Suzanne Webb - Fiona Williams


*All CatsWA Judges are approved stewards*





Affiliated Clubs


Feline All Breeds Society
Sec. Margaret Bush
Tel: (08) 9535 3239 / 0401 192 157


Burmese Cat Club of WA
Sec. Diana Nixon
Tel: 0417 913 803


British Shorthair Cat Club
Sec. Pamela Lanigan
Tel: 0419 940 025


Oriental Shorthair Cat Club
Sec. Susan Game
Tel: 0409 082 395


Paws and Claws Cat Club
Sec. Julie Pickens
Tel: 0408 930 088


Siamese Cat Club of WA
Sec. TBA


Southern & Siamese Cat Club
Sec. Karen Hsi
Tel: (08) 9255 1090


WA Cat Club
Sec. Maree Carle
Tel: (08) 9317 4477


W.A. Shorthair Cat Club
Sec. Helen Colleran
Tel: (08) 9458 8582


West Coast Cat Club
Sec. Linda Horton
Tel: 0431 487 841



FCCWA Constitution

Code of Conduct for FCCWA Members

Code of Conduct for Governing Council

Current Scale of Fees and Charges

CatsWA Grievance Policy
available from the Secretary on application per phone or email at catswa@iinet.net.au